Swing into Spring 
 Hot Yoga Retreat with Hargobind 
May 26 - 28, 2023

Yoga retreats give you the chance to leave what's familiar to experience greatness. 

From: Hargobind 

Show me who your teachers are, I'll tell you how far you'll go in the subject. 
Show me how much your investing into your wellbeing, I'll tell you how good you feel. 
Show me the work you put into your dreams, I'll tell you which dreams will come true. 

The retreats I host are made for just this reason. So that you have the chance to take a step back, find what's meaningful and go right for that. 

Using hot yoga, ice baths, hand balancing, nature, meditation, our cave, the river, the pool, massage, bonfires, community and delicious meals, we stack together a profound experience. So you leave feeling so ready for any challenge that comes your way. 

Here's what you'll get. 

2 nights stay at Casa Om Potomac. America's first hot yoga retreat center, built by me.

All inclusive gourmet vegetarian meals

I've made some major upgrades in the kitchen!  With new recipes like home made protein bars, bliss balls, fresh juice, made from scratch ice cream, and more. Each meal is crafted with health, vibrant colors and delicious family style dining in mind. We can't wait to inspire you to fall in love with dining and healthy eating. 


Our 26 & 2 Hot Yoga class reduces stress. Increases mobility. Clears your mind. Gives you a great sweat and makes you feel amazing. In our state of the art yoga room over looking the river, you'll have your best classes ever. 

Dharmify is my signature coaching method 

Whether you're dealing with a relationship, business or health issue, dharmify puts you firmly in control of what you can control. Things like divorce, expanding a business or pursuing your one arm handstand are all perfect for dharmify. 
People often use dharmify to: 
open a new business. 
leave a relationship. 
heal from tragedy.
change their diets 
lose weight
training for a marathon
reintegrate into a community
find purpose

This 7 step method will set our retreat up for so much purpose, intention and potentially life changing value. 

Ice Bath 🛀  & Pranayama

Get ready for a challenge that builds confidence, positive mind set, & adrenaline. This totally safe, yoga practice could give you the spark you need to build momentum in the path of your dreams. For the first time we'll do this in the river now that we have our new steps! 

Kundalini Cave Meditation 

Our cave provides the perfect container to get back to nature. It gives perspective on whats important to do now and what perhaps should be dealt with in 10,000 years or so. Just like our ancestors did, we will submerge deep beneath the earth for a totally unique meditation environment. 

Handstand & Flexibility Workshop

Come in with some ideas for new poses and we can go into inversions, back bending, hip opening or explore areas that you feel stuck. I borrow lessons from hand balancing, contortion, ashtanga, bikram, kundalini, and over 20 years of regular yoga practice. 

Bonfire Release Ceremony

 Since humans started walking the earth, we've traveled to foreign places to learn new things and become better people. We've sat around the fire to create and also to let go. In our letting go ceremony, it's a chance to drop a bad habit, forgive an ex, or release toxic ideas. Sometimes it works.

Here's what they said about my last retreats

Wow. Second visit to Casa Om and another 5 stars. The Accommodations are just plush enough to satisfy the high maintenance members of the family and week long workshop has something for everyone. If you are looking for some rigid fascist Bikram instruction this isn’t your place though they could deliver it, it’s just not the owners style. He is a great entertaining teacher who is super talented,grounded,humble yet very confident in his ability to serve/challenge the clients to take the next step on their life’s journey with yoga as the framework;whether that step is work harder or smarter or even less.Contortion and Handstands are never going to be in my practice at 67 but the exercises to build the muscle and flexibility to do it has opened up new possibilities in my Bikram postures that had plateaued. Already looking at when we can come back
On this trip, I didn’t know what to expect, except for yoga. I GOT SOO FREAKING MUCH MORE!! I broke mental and physical barriers that I never imagined I would. I feel as though my stay added years to my life mentally, spiritually, and physically. The energy… The peace…. The rejuvenation…..

The staff was amazing. Soo kind and caring. The food.. OOOH MY GOODNESS!! The facility… simply beautiful filled with positive energy. The Yoga.. sooo worth it.

The Journey …. Euphoric!!!

Thank You H!!!!!
The best vacation experience I have ever had
My wife told me that I was going on a yoga retreat for our vacation and told me that we (my three daughters her and I) will have fun. Who was into question her? I am not a big yoga person and don’t take a lot of vacations so I badly needed the rest etc. The positive energy was obvious the second we arrived. The manager Letica is amazing and on top of everything (she went out and got us band aids and water when needed) and the staff always smiles and is fantastic. The vegetarian food is excellent and not to be missed. There is so much more. Hargobind is an amazing yoga teacher and spiritual guide and his story is inspiring. He is also an incredibly nice person.

About Hargobind 

Harg in his words: 

"The goals of yoga and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Reaching different spiritual break thru's are not sustainable with massive anxiety for the future or regret from the past. The karma will haunt you if you don't take care of your business. Entrepreneurship and material success are pointless and hard without higher purpose and vision. 

When you find the right way, or dharma, you leverage every bit of energy you can find. These are the methods I used to build my family, my retreat centers, and stay consistent in my yoga practice. 

I am so excited to share them with you." 

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$1099 river view private room private bath
$899 private room private bath
 $699 shared room private bath
$199 extra night on Sunday

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Swing into Spring - May 26 - 28, 2023


  • Hot Yoga: with the bald eagles flying over and river passing by
  • Dharmify:  To reach our health, wealth and relationships goals
  • All meals: From our own chefs!
  • ​River Cruise : See the Potomac River like never before! 
  • ​​Ice Bath: To make your mind sharp and your body strong
  • ​Handstand  & Flexibility Workshop : Reach the yoga goals 
  • ​Writing Workshop : Tell your story 
  • Bonfire Ceremony: With S'mores :)

Plus these bonuses!!

  • 60 Minute Massage: A $100 Value!
  • ​1 on 1 life coach experience : A $300 value!
  • Signed copy of Dharmify: My book! 
  • ​Recipe eBook from the weekend!
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