Hot Yoga Class Every Tuesday at 6:50 PM 

We offer 1 class a week open to the public. It's a 75 minute hot yoga inspired class known as 26 + 2 or Bikram practiced at 105 degrees and great humidity. You'll get the best sweat, stretch, toning, and endurance workout. It's fantastic for your mind, body and spirit. 


  • Body: Yoga is so good for mobility, flexibilty, strength, weight loss and endurance
  • Mind: Yoga help you clear your mind, focus, reduce anxiety and focus on what you can control
  • Spirit: We teach inspired yoga where you are encouraged to build faith, trust and transformation
  • Stress: Yoga reduces stress, balances your blood pressure and reduces excess cortisol 
  • Community: Gathering with others that practice healthy habits, increases postive feelings about yourself and the world 
  • Fun: We try to keep it light, have fun, tell jokes and hang out. We say we are on a 60 year yoga journey and there's no rush.
  • Natural Beauty: We have the most epic hot yoga room in the United States with sweeping views of the Potomac River where bald eagles often fly by against beautiful sunrises and sunsets 
  • Hot: We'll help you put the HOT in hot yoga so you find the most feel good, sexiest version of yourself 

Classes Taught by Hargobind, Siri Om and Friends

Hargobind loves helping people fall in love with life long yoga practice. All body types, all levels, all kinds of people are welcome. In fact the worse shape you are in, the more profound the positive change. Whether you're dealing with chronic pain, need mental clarity or searching for more fulfillment, yoga has so much to offer. He is trained in vinyasa, bikram style hot 26, gentle, kundalini, yin, spa, hot pilates and yoga sculpt. 

But mostly he loves helping people transform themselves in empowering ways.  He's trained with numerous yoga and meditation masters from India as well as hand balancers from Cirque du Soleil and amazing contortionists. He is a lifelong entrepreneur and with his wife built Casa Om Potomac & Casa Om Mexico. You can find his first book Dharmify here and download his recent ebook Retreat Wizard Blizzard here. 
Siri Om loves to help people find their power, discipline and strength through yoga practice. As a lifelong yoga practitioner there is not much she hasn't seen in terms of body types, how people change and the universal benefits of a steady consistent practice. 

In addition to Casa Om & Casa Om Potomac she is the proprietor of Siri Om Yoga in Fairfax, Virginia which you can find at 
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Can’t say enough great things about Casa Om Potomac, and Hargobind!   If reviews allowed more stars I would absolutely give the highest possible rating! 💛 If you are on the fence about trying Yoga in general, or Hot Yoga you have to give it a try! I’ve started my journey, and truly am so thankful to have found the challenge and peace within Hot yoga. Thank you Casa Om 🧘🏼‍♀️ Tori S. 

Attended casa om Potomac for their hot yoga class and loved it!
Was a my first time and I felt so welcomed, no judgment even when I was felt I wasn’t getting the poses right or felt awkward! It’s such a beautiful atmosphere and I will definitely be back to get my sweat on! Mackenzie S. 

Each time I pull into Casa Om Potomac for hot yoga, it’s like a rejuvenating getaway from the work week.
Since starting hot yoga just 6 months ago, I’ve noticed increased flexibility, focus, and endurance during workouts. I also feel healthier overall! Hargobind provides a welcoming, peaceful environment where all experience levels can feel comfortable learning and growing through their yoga journey. I highly recommend giving hot yoga at Casa Om a try! From the breathtaking views over the Potomac River, friendly classmates, and exceptional teaching - you’ll have a memorable experience to look forward to each week! Mike M.
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